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Readers looking for more stories with themes like Forever by Judy Blume might enjoy the following books which feature teenager dealing with love, heartbreak, and the ups and downs of life.:

This work of magical realism is set during one harrowing day of seventeen year old Adam Thorn’s life in which everything happens. At the same time, the ghost of a murdered girl floats through the area. Their two stories end up intertwining in an unexpected way.

Shy, unathletic Jordan and outgoing, jock Max are very different seventeen year olds who find themselves working together on Jordan’s family’s food truck during a hot Arizona summer. They first become unlikely friends and then a romantic relationship develops as they learn more about each other.

Griffin is grieving both a breakup with his ex-boyfriend Theo and then a deeper loss when he receives word that Theo has drowned at college. Struggling with both bereavement and OCD, Griffin connects with Theo’s new boyfriend, Jackson at the funeral. The two begin spending time together, awkwardly navigating their shared grief and finding common ground.

Growing up is hard enough as a teen, throw in family secrets and an older brother in prison, of course Ari is upset at the world. Enter Dante, artistic and confident, with the promise of teaching Ari to swim, they both get more than they bargained for as they become close. Together they ask questions about their culture and their place in the universe. Even as an accident complicates their relationship, their families are brought closer together. The struggle of relationships and what it means to grow up follows both of them, but Ari needs to let down his walls first.

Macy is a perfectionist, seeing your dad die before your eyes changes you, after all. She tries to keep every aspect of her life controlled, but her new summer job is set to change everything for her. Macy is slowly pulled out of her shell by her extroverted coworkers, leading her to question her relationship with an unaffectionate boyfriend as she gets closer to Wes, the artistic boy who likes telling the truth. It’s time for Macy to make every second count.

Dimple Shah has officially graduated from high school and is on her way to attending a summer program for aspiring web developers at San Francisco State, but all her mom wants is for Dimple to find the “ideal Indian husband.” On the other hand, Rishi Patel believes in the tradition of an arranged marriage, so when his parents tell him about Dimple joining the program, he jumps at the opportunity to study and work with her. As sparks fly, Dimple holds back in this opposites attract story.

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To celebrate this story of adolescence, we created a quiz based on young adults in horror films. Read on to learn…

Which Decade of Scream Queen are you?

  1. School just let out for the summer. What are you and your friends’ plans for summer vacation?

a) Friends? What are those? All you will be doing is seeing the inside of your home

b) Lots of mall visits and convertible rides

c) Doing anything but watching horror movies

d) Hitting the road to go to an away game

e) Your friend scored a weekend at a cabin in the woods so it’s a getaway with your buddies

2. Your very normal summer has taken a turn for the confusingly sinister. What is your reaction?

a) You watch and wait, not certain what is happening. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding and it will be ok

b) Maybe it’s all in your head but you’re avoiding going to sleep just in case

c) You’re skeptical but start taking what logical steps you can

d) We’re sure everything is fine and will work out. Stop worrying, bro

e) We have an array of human reactions ranging from fear to denial but it doesn’t stop events from transpiring

3. All hell has now broken loose. What do you do?

a) You remember you have powers and take control by attacking them

b) You’re determined to take them on and come up with a plan

c) Look around for anything that could be used as a weapon. No one is coming to save you so you are going to have to do it yourself

d) Grateful that you with your sibling, you look around for anything with which to defend the both of you with. Is that sports equipment?

e) There is nothing left to do but savor your last moments and stare into the coming abyss

4. You finally get a look at the one causing it all. Who is the villain in your sinister summer?

a) The popular girl who hates your kindness

b) An old neighbor who always gave you the creeps

c) Your ex

d) Random stranger

e) A scientific society wanting to experiment on you

Scroll down for results!

Who did you get?

Mostly A’s— Carrie White from 1976’s Carrie

Mostly B’s— Nancy Thompson from 1984’s Nightmare on Elm Street

Mostly C’s — Sydney Prescott from 1996’s Scream

Mostly D’s— Carly Jones from 2005’s House of Wax

Mostly E’s — Dana Polk from 2011’s The Cabin in the Woods

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